Dry Ice At Your Next Party in Long Island, NY

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Food and Drink, Ice Cube

The smoke effects of dry ice are something that should be seen by everyone. It’s pretty stunning and can last for hours even from a few small pieces. Because of the smoke effects of dry ice it can be a great addition to a party. It’s also very affordable which makes it great for any party, any size. If you’re having a party with Dry Ice in Long Island, NY, residents should look at these interesting ideas.

Spooky Halloween Punch

An easy but great addition to your Halloween party decor is a spooky Halloween punch. You’ll need two bowls. One large bowl for the ice and the other for the punch. Once your punch is ready place into the smaller bowl. After that place the smaller bowl into the larger bowl. There should be a few inches of space around the smaller bowl. Now, add your dry ice into the larger bowl so that it surrounds the smaller bowl. You should immediately see smoke rising about the punch. Place under a backlight to give it the spooky touch it needs.

Smokey Dance floor

If you’re having a group of people over and plan on dancing then making a smokey dance floor could be a good idea. This will created ambiance and a vibe that your guests will love. It’s not recommend to put the ice directly on the floor. Try setting boxes with dry ice around the floor in specific locations. That will give the room a nice addition but not block anyone from having a good time on the dance floor. Keep in mind of the lighting and the smoke as that could really add to your décor as well.

Elegant Party Display

If you’re throwing a nice dinner, wedding, or event then you may want to use dry ice for your visual displays. Either with a fruit plate or the centerpiece with flowers the smoke effects from the ice could be a great addition to the over all design of your party. Guest will love it and if you have the right company, getting that added addition shouldn’t cost and arm and a leg.

Whether it’s a small get together or a large event, if you’re having a party with Dry Ice in Long Island, NY residents should have a few ideas before purchasing.

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