Finding A Quality Supplier For Bulk Lead Ingots

In a wide range of industries from construction to roofing and from plumbing to marine shipbuilding and construction, lead is used as a flexible, versatile and durable material for a solder as well as for soundproofing and even for specific types of tank linings or in electrical conduits.

For those who make their own ammunition, bulk lead ingots can also be an effective way to purchase lead for shot. It is more effective than trying to reclaim lead that may have a range of alloys present and create significant problems with fouling when used.

In these types of applications, lead ingots are often the ideal way to purchase, store and manage lead. With small-sized ingots, it is easy to break off a specific weight of lead from the string and melt it down for use as needed. With the lead ingots on a string, they are also uniformly shaped and easy to stack, store and transport.

Buy Direct

There are many options in places to purchase bulk lead ingots, but not all can provide purity standards for their products. Often people casting lead ingots from reclaimed lead end up with an end product that contains a range of different alloys, particularly the lead ingots sold for ammunition.

For both commercial and industrial use, as well as for private use, always buy bulk lead ingots directly from the manufacturer. These companies diligently ensure specific purity in the ingots they sell, which can be as high as 99.9% pure lead. In most cases, lead manufacturers offer a lower cost for the 99.7% pure standard ingot, which is more than sufficient for most industrial applications.

Buying directly from a US-based lead manufacturer also means the volume of lead you require is readily available. With a fast turnaround order and consistent quality with every order, your company saves time and wasted material with inferior or inconsistent quality lead.

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