Finding Full Service Companies for Moving in Montgomery County

by | Jun 21, 2013 | Moving

It has been estimated that up to 17 percent of the US population moves each year. The US Census Bureau states that 43 million people on average move every year which is four times the number that visit Disneyland in a year. As reported by the Employee Relocation Council, moving ranks as the third most stressful circumstance in someone’s life. Only events regarding divorce and death are considered to be more stressful. This is why it is very important to look for reliable and trustworthy full service moving companies. before making that big move. Recently the complaints against moving companies have been increasing, but if you do your homework you can find a good company to work with.

If you are considering using a business that specializes in Moving Montgomery County., you ought to get recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors. You can check these suggestions with the Better Business Bureau for any negative reports. Another organization you can contact is the American Moving and Storage Association to see if your company of choice is a member. Remember that membership is optional for the AMSA, but it does mean that members must abide by the guidelines of the association. However, if a company does not belong, don’t rule it out. There are also consumer advocacy sites such as the Rip Off Report and Moving Scams which may tip you off to unscrupulous movers.

As mentioned, moving is one of the top three most stressful events in a person’s life, so a moving service that can help relieve as much of this stress as possible is preferred. The best Montgomery moving services will be happy to give you free estimates so there will be no hidden fees. The moving professionals can deal with local or long distance moves, residential or commercial/office moves, and even moving large unwieldy items such as pianos. Another stress relieving service offered by many top rated companies is packing. The movers will come into your home and professionally pack items such as dishes, books, electronics, and much more. They know how to pack with bubble wrap and moving blankets to avoid damage to your belongings. They will also unpack in your new home so you won’t have to. It really does make moving stress free!



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