Getting Rid of Pet Odors

by | Sep 17, 2012 | Cleaning, Home And Garden

Texans love their animals, and like to keep them inside and coddle them. That isn’t an indictment, but is a positive word about people from Texas, who will sleep in the same beds with their pets, sit on the same couches, and even prepare special meals for them. Your dog or your cat truly can become part of your family, and may even begin to think that even though he doesn’t walk on two legs, he’s human after all.

But when your cat or dog has not been properly house-trained you may find that after you clean up the mess on the carpet the smells continue to linger. This is especially true of cat urine, which can infiltrate deep into your carpet or furniture and be extremely difficult to get rid of, even if you use carpet cleaning products that you can buy in Texas for the very purpose of eliminating odors. Some people finally give up and get rid of their carpet or furniture just to escape from the stench.

Cat and dog urine settles deep into the fibers of your carpet making it harder to clean. It sullies the backing and even penetrates down into the floor space underneath the carpet. Being habitual creatures, it is hard to convince your cat or dog not to continue urinating in the same spot once the habit has been established, and the more often the animal does this, the worse the situation becomes. The bad ammonia stench permeates everything and begins to overpower that area of the room, as well as gradually work its way into the entire house.

The reason pet urine smells so horrible is due to evaporation. Once this begins to occur, the molecular structure of the urine concentrates and become increasingly sharp. You can scrub and use various soaps, as well as powders and products with perfumes that attempt to overpower the odor, but this is usually not very successful in accomplishing the desired task. Some chemicals that purport to get rid of odors may be so potent that they are not necessarily safe for your pets, or for your kids.

The right carpet cleaning service in Texas can use industrial strength, state of the art technology to truly clean your carpets of all remaining urine, as well as to target and kill the bacteria that causes the odor to be so pungent and pervasive. Many products merely clean up the urine but have no effect on the bacteria, which is why using a special, safe treatment to kill the bacteria in the carpet, is necessary to truly get rid of pet urine odors.

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