Have Fun Snow Goose Hunting In Arkansas

by | Jul 19, 2013 | Travel

Snow goose hunting is hard work. The geese have a sense that they’re being hunted and they make the job real tough. Snow geese are long-lived and travel in large flocks, so birds are always on the look-out for danger where they feed and rest. Hunters travel the back-roads–looking for fields where snow geese are feeding. They set out thousands of decoys in the afternoon. If you’re lucky, you can hunt the field that evening, and again in the morning. People who’ve gone Snow Goose Hunting Arkansas say snow geese have good memories and will not return to a field where they’ve been shot at. Here’s some additional tips:

*hide all signs of life, including vehicles, tire tracks, etc.;

*park your vehicle at least a half mile away;

*set out at least a thousand decoys, snow geese travel in large numbers, so they’ll expect to see a lot of birds on the ground;

*wear camouflage or white if snow is on the ground;

*don’t start shooting until the birds have landed;

*Invest in a back warmer–picking up thousands of decoys can hurt your back. The back warmers last eight to ten hours;

*get toe warmers–your feet will get cold laying in a muddy field for hours. Toe warmers protect your feet; and

*a face mask is a necessity for goose hunting. The geese can spot a shiny face from a mile away.

Hunting in different states can be fun. Snow Goose Hunting Arkansas offers a lot of guided tours. If you’re part of a group, the guides scout out fields for the day’s hunting. The guides recommend 12 gauge shotguns and bb’s for ammunition. They recommend a full case of bb’s for a three-day hunt. Arkansas Duck Masters are a popular guide company. They offer an all inclusive package, $325 per day, with a minimum of four people. The package includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and lodging. Visitors may call the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, before your trip, to get a free snow goose license. Hunting is a sport, but to make sure you have fun, follow all the safety rules and guidelines. And, be sure you’re comfortable with using your weapon.

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