Hi Tech with Hi Touch

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Education

The Sales Coaching InstituteIn the world of sales, all sales professionals will need a high touch, high tech mindset in order to survive. Selling is a very personal business, where sales professionals must get face to face with their customers in order to score a sale. Most buyers already know about your company and the products or services that you provide before you ever even approach them to buy. This suggests that buyers can pretty much do things on their own now, since everything is so automated with internet sales. So have sales professionals become irrelevant? Absolutely Not! In fact, buyers probably need sales professionals much more than they ever have before.

Live Sales Reps will Never Go out of Style

As the world becomes more technology focused, people will no longer consider their Ipad the best thing since sliced bread. They will instead appreciate a personal touch, because it will be sort of like a novelty thing as time progresses. Would you rather have a robot checking you into a hotel room, or an actual representative that calls you by name? Most people would choose the latter. Sales reps will never go out of style, because people want to feel like they are getting excellent services. A computer can’t provide nearly the same level of service that an actual person can. Always know what the needs of your customers are, and meet them in any way that you possibly can to give them the buying experience that they want.

Be Bold and Personal

The more the world becomes driven by technology, the more people will appreciate having an actual person to care for their needs. While high tech services will still be desired, high touch has to be given as well in the form of personal services from actual human beings, and not computers or other machines. There is just something about the social aspect of dealing with a person that makes people feel better. Automation can only do so much, and too much automation can turn things into bad experiences. Sales professionals must be mindful that even though they have technology to generate leads, people want to feel like they are appreciated and respected. Don’t ever rely solely on high tech equipment if you want to build a solid customer base.

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