Hiring A SSDI Attorney in Newburgh Makes It Easier

by | Jul 24, 2013 | Lawyers

Anyone who has had any dealings with the Social Security office knows that they are a place that is known for their complicated rules. Something as simple as filling out an application to receive benefits can be difficult and frustrating for many citizens and there is always a level of government red tape that accompanies any kind of procedure they are involved in.

SSDI attorney in Newburgh clients are able to depend on their experienced lawyer to help them through the process of filing for benefits with the Social Security Administration. The many documents that are required in order to get the application properly filled out and the proof that Social Security requires, such as forms from a doctor or other medical professional can all be handled by the lawyer, taking all the burden off of the person who is filing for benefits.

Other reasons that people have retained the services of the SSDI attorney in Newburgh may have to do with a dispute about benefits. In some cases, a letter arrives at a client’s home from Social Security where they are told there has been an over payment of benefits and the client disagrees with that characterization.

Having an attorney to represent you when you are dealing with the federal government can help you to feel as if you are getting a fair hearing from Social Security. Most people who call the offices of Social Security are met with an automated menu that is both frustrating and confusing. Adding to that fact, when they are finally told that they can speak to a representative, they are often put on hold for extremely long periods of time just for that privilege.

The help that an attorney can offer is the assurance that the important facts will be relayed to the Social Security Administration and that the application or the dispute will be handled appropriately in a way that will be in accordance with the requirements that SSA puts on all who receive benefits.

The Social Security offices may seem to be asking their clients to jump through a series of hoops just to get even the smallest thing done. Having your own lawyer to guide you through the process can smooth the way and make the experience easier. Click here for more information.

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