How To Care For Your Septic Tank

by | May 23, 2012 | Plumbing and Plumbers

You may wonder how a septic tank works and just what it is for that matter. Septic tank in Delray Beach is a sewer collection setup that is underground. Septic tank systems are typically used in areas where city sewer is not available. This may be in places that are far away from the city municipal area or slightly out of town outside the city limits. A septic tank is a water tight system that is made of some kind of material that won’t rust or corrode. The septic tank also needs to be made of something that won’t decay when it is buried in the earth.

When you are deciding on a septic tank in Delray Beach you will need to decide which size will best suit your needs. There are different ways of determining the size of septic tank needed for a home. Sometimes the county, state or city will have minimum regulations as to the size of the tank within their jurisdiction. Sometimes the size of the tank will be figured by the number of bedrooms in a home.

The way a septic tank works is that the sewer or waste goes into it and accumulates. The solids that accumulate there are called sludge. The septic tank will work by removing the solids. The system holds the water part of the waste for a minimum of 1 day which allows the solids to settle to the bottom. In the septic system, there are a number of baffles which make this process possible. About half of the solids that are held in the tank after the liquids are separated will decompose eventually.

The liquid part of the waste is treated and then drained out to drain pipes which have small holes in them. Eventually the water travels down through the earth and joins the groundwater again.

There are a number of things you may like to know about maintaining your septic tank in Delray Beach. The first thing is that the sludge will accumulate more and more as you use your septic system. If the system is correctly designed for the size of home you have or for the number of people living in the home, it should hold solids for about 3 years before having to be serviced. At this point, the tank is getting full and there is not enough space to separate the solids from the liquids. This can cause the sewage to overflow.

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