How to Determine Your Roof Replacement Cost in Chicago

by | Apr 24, 2013 | Roofing

Because your roof is what stands between your home and the elements, including rain and snow, it can easily become damaged over time. Whether it has simply begun to give out because of aging or a severe storm has caused extensive damage to your roof, it may be time to consider replacing your roof instead of trying to repair it. However, you will need to factor in a few things when you are trying to figure out the roof replacement cost in Chicago so you can decide if you can afford to replace it.

Size of Your Home

The one factor into your replacement costs you can’t change is the size of your home. Your roof will require shingles or other roofing materials that will cover the total area of the roof, no more and no less. Therefore, you need to determine the exact area of your roof if you are going to determine the cost of replacing the roof. If you aren’t sure what size your roof is, you may need to get up on a ladder to measure so you can determine how much your replacement will cost.


There are many types of roofing materials from which you can choose. As you are thinking about your roof replacement cost in Chicago, you need to think about what types of materials you are considering for your roof. While some homeowners can only afford the cheaper options, it is important to remember that cheaper is not typically better. Talk to the professionals if you aren’t sure about which roofing type is best for your home.


Most homeowners aren’t able to complete their own roof installation. Therefore, you have to factor in the costs of installation into your overall cost. Another factor that fits into this area of the cost is whether you will simply place an additional layer of shingles over the existing ones or if you want them to remove all the old shingles and completely replace your roof.

As you consider your need to replace your roof, it is important to consider the roof replacement cost in Chicago. Determining how much it will cost to replace your roof requires you to factor in a few key pieces of information. First, you need to know exactly how large your roof is so you know how much material you will need. You can then move on to pricing out the various types of materials you would like to use and the cost of installation to determine your overall cost.

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