How to Find the Best Mumbai Property Rates

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling, finding the best Mumbai property rates requires careful planning and effort. Many people continue to rely on property brokers and traditional real estate businesses when it comes to buying and selling property. However, online real estate forums are an easy and transparent alternative to these avenues.

Online real estate and property websites offer several advantages over their brick and mortar cousins. Transparency is the biggest advantage when it comes to online property listings. Both buyers and sellers are assured of equal viewings of every single listing. There are no hidden deals or false listings. This is due to the fact that the listings have been put up by individual buyers and sellers, without any intermediaries. Any interactions that result from these transactions take place in the absence of brokers and other intermediaries. This makes it easy to find the best Mumbai property rates for your needs.

More Tips for Buyers

Before approaching a particular seller about a property in Mumbai for sale, it is important to do some preliminary research. Start by researching general property prices in the area for similar properties. Find out whether the seller’s asking price is on the high or low side. If you find that the asking price is on the high side, see if you can find out any reason for the extra amount charged.

It’s common for sellers to ask more than the expected Mumbai Property Rates. A certain amount of bargaining is expected in such transactions, so sellers often price it higher to give themselves room for negotiation. As long as the difference between the asking price and your budget is not too high, you can go ahead with contacting the seller.

If, on the other hand, the asking price is lower than usual, do not make the mistake of accepting blindly. There may be potential problems like legal issues, such as court cases or questions of ownership. Or the the property may be built on encroached land. Or it may even be earmarked by the govt. for building a new roadwork, railway line, etc. Any of these issues can create problems in the future. So it is important to do your homework.

Sometimes you might find that the reason the owner is willing to sell for a lower price is because they need the cash urgently. In such a case, it is okay to proceed with the sale.

Tips for Sellers

Always give yourself plenty of time to sell the property. Do not try to sell your property at short notice in an effort to raise cash. This will lead to significant financial loss in the future. Unless there is no other option, try to raise money by some other means.

Again, take the time to research Mumbai property prices in your area independently. Do not trust a broker blindly. Check a buyer’s financial credentials carefully before proceeding with a sale. Do not get distracted by a higher than expected offer price. It is meaningless unless the buyer is able to back it up with actual payment capacity.

Follow these simple tips to get the best Mumbai property rates.

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