How to Make Crystal Wedding Centerpieces

by | Nov 29, 2012 | Business

Planning a wedding can be expensive. Brides and grooms find themselves wondering how they are going to afford all the details that go into a wedding. Fortunately, there are many places to cut corners, allowing couples to save money without sacrificing the style they want for their wedding. One of the most common do-it-yourself areas of a wedding is the centerpieces. Because most crystal wedding centerpieces can be easily put together, couples are choosing to go that route. Even if you do not plan on putting your own centerpieces together, understanding what goes into a centerpiece will allow you to tell your florist exactly what you want.

The Base

The basics of your centerpieces start with the base or the item that will hold your decoration. You can choose from large vases, pots and wooden boxes to hold your decorations. The base you choose should go along with the material of the centerpiece you choose. If your material is heavy or tall, you need to ensure the base will be able to hold your decoration solidly without the risk of falling. The base can also be covered up with various decorations to keep it as elegant as your wedding.

The Main Material

The material you choose to place in your base is the most important component of your centerpiece. If your wedding is low key and you are keeping the decorations modest, you can choose simple flowers that go along with your theme. You can even choose a wedding tree, such as a Manzanita tree, that can be used on its own or decorated with simple decorations. If you are having a more elaborate wedding, you can choose to decorate your flowers or wedding tree with crystals to give your wedding an incredible elegance. Crystal wedding centerpieces take an ordinary wedding to an elegant, sophisticated wedding in seconds.


Regardless of what you chose for the main material of your centerpiece, you can accessorize it with gorgeous beads or crystals. The beads can be clear or tinted to give a hint of color to the room. You can also choose crystals in varying sizes and colors to add to the sparkle and shine of your wedding. The crystals can be added in addition to flowers or they can be used on their own for a dramatic look. Among the accessories, you can also customize your centerpieces to include table cards or even hold small favors for your guests.

When you plan your wedding, it helps to find ways to save money. If you are creative enough to create your own crystal wedding centerpieces, you will be able to save some money on the decorations for your reception. If you do not want to make the centerpieces yourself, there are plenty of reputable online stores that offer beautiful wedding trees at great prices.

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