How To Recycle For The Local Dumpster In Hartford CT

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Recycling

Recycling today will help reduce the amount of waste that goes into filling over 3,000 active landfills that are run by local governments. An estimated 75% of the material that is in the old municipal landfills is full of recyclable material. With a little help from the local Dumpster Hartford CT, an individual household can reduce the amount of the four and half pounds of garbage that they are responsible for creating on a daily basis.

An easy way to help your local community and active landfill is to recycle everyday materials. Separating and recycling your paper products is a huge savings on the non-renewable natural resources that were used to create the paper. Everyday items such as cardboard, newspaper, mail, milk cartons, magazines, books, and paper plates and cups can all easily be tossed into a separate garbage pile designated for a recycling center.

Metal glass, and plastic are huge non-renewable resources that get tossed into landfills. These items can easily be re-used for other products. Metal containers used to hold juice, soda, including the metal pull tabs from aluminum cans can be separated out. Wire coat hangers, aluminum foil and non-punctured aerosol cans are equally recyclable as long as they are free of food materials and stains.

Plastic bottles with the tops removed are a great place to start reducing waste from an individual household. Using a reusable bottle will also help in saving money on the purchase of throw away items. A good tip to remember about bottles is that if the mouth is smaller than the head of the bottle, it is a recyclable product. Remember to give it a thorough rinse of any food or non-water particles left inside the bottle.

Lastly, glass in many different clear forms can be recycled instead of thrown into a local landfill. The same rules can be applied to glass as to plastic. The small head and thoroughly clean sides without food particles remaining will be accepted. Labels on the clear glass and plastic are fine as they will be burned off in the processing plant. Simple things you can do today will help save the planet’s natural resources for tomorrow.

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