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by | Jun 17, 2013 | Lawyers

Immigration is a complicated process. If you or a loved one wants to immigrate successfully, there are several things that you should know. For instance, not everyone can immigrate. The United States is very picky about who they will allow to become a citizen, but don’t let a rejection discourage you.

There are a limited number of visas available, so it can take between 3.5 and 12 years to get a visa. Many petitioners might never obtain a visa.

There are a few types of visas available. The first one is for potential American citizens who have a family member in the United States. The length of wait time for these visas varies greatly depending on what the relationship to the person who is a citizen is. Brothers or sisters, for example, have a much longer wait time than a child who is unmarried. A married child has a longer waiting period than an unmarried child. In 2001, a new citizenship act made it much easier for children under the age of eighteen to obtain citizenship if they have at least one parent who is a citizen, and if they have been living in the United States. Checking with Immigration Law Columbus OH is a great way to find out other laws pertaining to immigration.

The next type of visa is a visa that is sponsored by a potential employer. Before a visa that is work related can be approved, it must be firmly established that there is not a person in the United States already who can successfully fill the position. These kinds of Visas are difficult to obtain, however, in some extreme cases of highly trained potential citizens, a waiting employer may not be necessary.

Another way to get a visa is through a lottery process. This can be tricky and generally several countries are eliminated from the lottery entirely.

To gain citizenship first a person should fill out and submit forms from the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services. Immigration Law Columbus OH can be a great help in filling out the necessary forms. After that, you will need to collect appropriate documents, have photos and fingerprints taken and then have an interview with a representative of that administration. You will then need to take a test and then finally begin the long wait.

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