Install a Glass Shower Door and Bring Class to Your Bathroom

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Home Improvement

For all home owners, there comes a time where the bathroom simply needs a makeover. Bathrooms can be big selling points for a home so whether or not you are planning on selling in the future or not, a well styled bathroom can bring a lot of added value to your property. One way to really bring a sense of style and class to your bathroom is to install a glass shower door. You can be sure that a  glass shower door in Lubbock will be a beautiful addition to your home and you have many options available that will match any decor.

Round Shower Doors

Some of the most elegant looking shower doors on the market are the round or curved shower doors. Made of glass, these shower doors are ideal for smaller bathrooms that may not have a lot of space. They are generally placed in the corner of the room and are typically used on standalone showers but can certainly be used if you have a bathtub that has a unique shape too. One of the other great benefits of round shower doors is that you will have more space than a typical shower stall.

Pivot Shower Doors

Another option you will have when choosing to install glass shower doors in your home is a pivot door. These doors are commonly called “swing open” doors or “one panel swinging” doors. These doors are generally installed in standalone shower stalls and are ideal for spaces that are not large enough for sliding shower doors. If you have a larger space and enjoy the look of pivot doors, you can also install two, which can give a very unique look.

Sliding Shower Doors

Probably the most common choice, sliding shower doors are well known and the most popular for bathtub showers. These shower doors slide on a track and typically consist of two or three panels that can be opened on either side of the bathtub. Sliding shower doors look great when installed in wide openings and most come standard at 60″.

Neo-Angle Shower Doors

Neo-angle shower doors are commonly found in corner showers and can be made to swing either left or right, depending on the set up of your bathroom. Though these shower doors are great for small showers, they can look very elegant and definitely can bring a great sense of style to your bathroom.

No matter what type of shower door fixture you choose, you can be sure that it will look amazing, especially when you choose a professional company to install your glass shower door Lubbock. Choosing a company with a great reputation and high level of service will ensure that your shower door lasts for many years to come.

A well made shower door in Lubbock can be found by contacting the professionals at Glass Doctor of Lubbock. You can reach them toll free at 877-838-4527 or by calling 806-368-0701.

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