iPhone Housing Conversion

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Communications

Get A New iPhone Every Month

Are you one of those people who get bored of their cell phone often? Don’t you find it expensive to buy a new mobile phone just because you are tired of its look? Well, I am one of those people and cannot just keep up with the same gadget for more than 6 months. Then I came to know about the iPhone housing conversion kits and now I get to show a new phone to my friends whenever I like.

From java to symbian and now android, the rapidly changing technology have disturbed the savings and budget account of many. People have become addicted to electronic gadgets. If you keep on following the trend of this industry, soon you will find yourself taking advance salary to pay house rent. Even if you go for contract based packages offered by telecom service providers, the terms and conditions would require you to use their services for an extended period of time. Eventually, you will have to use the same phone till the agreement requires you to.

Now let’s consider what options you have. Either you can keep using the same phone for years and pretend that you don’t like any of the newly launched cell phones. Or you could spend less than one fourth of your monthly internet bill and get a new skin for your phone.

Almost all the mobile stores have iPhone conversion toolkit. These are kits that change the entire look of your phone. Search for iPhone conversions and you will come across innumerable colors and patterns; from leopard print to angry bird back covers. However, do not attempt to do it by yourself. Browse through the hundreds of designs available on net. Have your pick, place an order and then ask an expert to help you with it.

Think for a while. Even if you can afford to have the latest technology; surely it would get obsolete within a few months and you will find yourself looking at the recently launched version of your phone on your colleague’s desk. So what’s the use of transferring all your contacts and data in the new phone when you plan to change your phone again in a month or so?

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