It’s a Snap

by | Dec 17, 2012 | Home And Garden

For an organization like a hospital or a clinic that utilizes a lot of curtains, the cleaning and replacement of soiled curtains can seem like the most tremendous problem of the workweek.  Who needs another complicated and lengthy task in a busy, stress filled day? The answer is nobody. That’s why snap Curtains are a great idea. There’s no reason to waste time taking down curtain rods, messing with complicated rings and hooks. Replacing dirty curtains is a snap with snap curtains.

Curtains are constantly getting dirty for one reason or another. Whether it’s normal wear and tear or unexpected spills and sprays you are going to have to replace those curtains.  With a standard curtain set this process could take up your entire day. First you need to unhook your old curtain, fumbling with the complicated mechanism that attaches your soiled curtain to its tracks. Then you have to go through the process all over again to re-attach your temporary or loaner curtain.  And after the original curtain has been cleaned and is ready to be re-installed, guess what? You get to do it all over again. With snap curtains, curtain removal and re-installation is a breeze. Just snap each panel off with the easy to use snap system when you’re ready to clean your curtains. Replace it just as easily by snapping a replacement panel into place.  No ladders or tools are necessary; it’s a snap.

Snap curtains are the perfect match for any clinical setting or anywhere that privacy is desired. They are sized to fit a specific length of curtain track so no matter what length of curtain you need snap curtains can accommodate you.  They also come in a wide selection of patterns and colors, so if you’re looking to personalize your space, brighten up your clinic, or merely looking for a change of pace you’ll have options. A workspace is should be comfortable and you should have a choice in how it looks. Bored with white? Change it up.

The wide range of materials and the customizable nature of snap curtains provide purchasers with so many benefits. The time and stress saved by the ease of installation gives you time to relax and move on to on what’s really important, the patients. Mundane complications take time and mental focus, and there’s really no reason not to streamline everyday operations like curtain maintenance. It’s better for you, it’s better for your patients, it’s better for your space and it’s a snap.

Snap Curtains CubeCare supplies cubicle privacy solutions to facilities around the country. Their modular panel systems are easy to install and use, and easy to remove and maintain. All curtains are manufactured to meet the most stringent of industry standards and custom fit to meet the needs of our customers. We specialize in innovative privacy solutions for our clientele and work with you to create a space you’ll be pleased with.  Visit us online for a full product listing, or call 877-556-6477 to speak with a representative immediately.

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