Keep Your Smile Bright and White: Inside Tips from Cosmetic Dentistry Experts in Lancaster

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Dental Care

In a society that places a very high value on personal appearance, more and more Americans are making greater efforts at looking their best. According to an expert in Cosmetic Dentistry Lancaster, elective dental procedures have also seen a steady increase, especially as technology has become more refined and capable of better results. Techniques like teeth whitening and dental implants are no longer simply the purview of Hollywood in-crowd; everyone from soccer moms and trophy wives to the cashiers at the grocery store have had some kind of procedure done to enhance the look of their teeth. When you’ve invested considerable time and money into your mouth, it’s essential to keep it looking stunning for as long as possible, and with these easy recommendations from a leading specialist in Cosmetic Dentistry Lancaster, you can do just that.

When you’ve had work done on your teeth, your primary goal should be to follow the guidelines laid out by your dentist. Patients who have undergone adult braces or surgery to correct crooked teeth should continue wearing any prescribed corrective gear to avoid undoing the effects of the procedure. The number one mistake made by dental patients is to stop following the dentist’s orders too soon, so unless you’re a glutton for punishment, stick with the plan. Secondly, avoid highly pigmented food and drink that can discolor and stain your teeth. This is especially important when you have undergone the advanced whitening treatments that utilize UV lights, which can sometimes leave teeth highly sensitive to colored foods. If you must eat and drink foods with strong colors, be sure to rinse and brush thoroughly afterwards, and talk to your dentist about adding a whitening rinse to your regimen for an added boost. Finally, maintain a regular routine of brushing and flossing after every meal. Flossing is especially important since it allows you to remove the food particles near the gum that can create the earliest signs of discoloration.

Maintaining the investment that you have made in your teeth is not just good common sense but also a smart health move overall. By following these tips from an experienced Cosmetic Dentistry Lancaster professional, you can be sure that your smile will stay bright and beautiful for years to come.


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