LEED Paints: Why So Many Homeowners Are Turning to This Option

by | Nov 20, 2012 | Home Improvement

There are many residential property owners, renters, tenants and commercial property owners who have been making the decision to turn to LEED paints when it comes to doing their home interior painting project. If you have yet to hear about LEED paints or if you are wondering why so many people seem to be turning to these products, then taking the time to understand the benefits of this type of paint is important. Understanding the popularity behind LEED paints can help anyone decide if this paint option is the right one for them or not.

The main reason why so many are turning to LEED paints has to do with safety. Using LEED paints is a great way to ensure that you are partaking in an environmentally safe painting experience. Choosing these paints is not only better for you and your family but it is better for the environment as well. With LEED paints you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting in your home or harmful chemicals being omitted into the environment either.

These LEED paints are products with low or no volatile organic compounds. These are also called VOCs. When there are less VOCs in the home, your interior air quality will improve. When there are less VOCs in the outdoor environment, urban smog will lessen as well. However, you must make sure that these paints are LEED certified to ensure these are the types of products you are investing in. Look for the label on the can to ensure that these is a LEED certification on the exterior.

One of the great things about LEED paints is that even though you are using a ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly’ paint product, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality with your interior paints. These home paints provide the same look, quality and ease of use as other paints do, but do not have any of the dangerous side effects. Even though you are investing in LEED paints and are making the eco-friendly decision when choosing this paint option, there are still a few ‘green tips’ you will want to keep in mind during the painting process. This is primarily disposing of the paint properly.

Even though the paint you are using is green, you will want to be careful when you dispose of the paint. You will want to first convert your paint into solid waste by removing your paint’s lid and allowing it to dry. Once the water and solvents have lifted from the paint it will harden and you can dispose of your LEED paint remnants properly and safely.

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