Lots of Wrinkles? Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Tampa can Help

by | Jul 22, 2013 | Health

Facing the passage of time can be hard when older men and women stare in the mirror. That person they see with droopy eyes, wrinkles, dark spots, and a sagging chin depresses them every morning. There is no need for a morning ritual that depresses people. They can have many different Facial Cosmetic Surgery Tampa procedures that will dramatically improve their appearance. All of these treatments are designed to create firmer skin with better skin color. The result will be a face that matches the way people feel on the inside.

The signs of aging often show around the eyes. Men and women as young as 30 years old will start to see fine lines known as crow’s feet around their eyes. Gradually over the years their brows and eyelids will start to sag. This makes them look like they are always tired. Facial Cosmetic Surgery can alleviate all of these problems around the eyes through the use of three procedures. An endoscopic brow lift will create a smooth forehead and pull the eyebrows higher. An upper or lower eyelid blepharoplasty will make small incisions in the top or bottom of the lid. Excess skin and fat will be removed. The result will be eyes as big and beautiful as any woman could want.

Depending upon a person’s natural skin resiliency, the time they spent in the sun or their smoking habits, they might need a more radical approach. Their Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Tampa area regimen might include both a full facelift and neck lift. This will turn back the clock in every way. When they look in the mirror their features will represent how they feel on the inside. While this may be performed in the doctor’s office, it is still surgery and requires an anesthetic.

It’s important that the patient practice good nutrition and become as healthy as possible prior to their procedure. Any cosmetic procedure that involves skin works best when the patient is at their proper weight. A lower weight will also keep a patient’s blood pressure in the proper range. The incisions will heal faster and scars will be smaller.

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