Maintaining Roller Shutters In Essex

by | May 6, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Roller shutters in Essex can be a great choice for protecting windows and doors on businesses and residences alike. There are many benefits to roller shutters. Just like any other shutters, however, roller shutters need some maintenance to keep them functioning properly for their lifetime. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your roller shutters lasting for a long, long time.

Check the balance of your doors and shutters regularly. Overtime, the shutters or doors can droop, causing the shutters to not be able to open or close properly. It is important for the shutters to be properly aligned with the door or doorframe so that they don’t run into any problems when moving.

Check for damages every so often. If you inspect your roller shutters in Essex regularly, you should be able to notice when something gets damaged. Noticing any damage in a timely manner may help you to keep your shutters in relatively good shape. If the shutters get too damaged it may also compromise the safety of your home or business. Check for damage and repair as necessary.

Lubricate moving parts at least once a year. If you don’t lubricate your roller shutters regularly you might start to hear them creak. Even before they creak make sure you are helping them to move smoothly by keeping them lubricated yearly. You can also inspect the moving parts at this time to make sure no damage has occurred to them.

Set automatic shutters to manual one or two times a year if they allow for it. It’s kind of like good exercise to let your shutters operate manually every once in a while instead of staying constantly on automatic. It works slightly different parts of the shutter system.

Re-tension the springs if the shutter gets low. Just as you should check for balance, if you notice that your shutters are hanging unusually low or off-kilter, you might want to look at the springs and maybe get the re-tensioned so that the shutter hangs properly. If it’s hanging improperly, it might not fully cover your windows or doors.

Roller shutters in Essex can be a fantastic choice of shutter for either a business or a residence. Like any other shutters, however, they need to be maintained properly. If you need a little guidance to get you started on roller shutter maintenance, try a few of the tips mentioned above. Hopefully this keeps your roller shutters functioning smoothly for a long time to come.

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