Popular Items For Diamond Buyers Louisville

by | Jun 5, 2013 | Jewelry

Diamond Buyers Louisville consists of individuals or companies that purchase jewelry items from private owners for resale. The jewelry items are selected based upon the demand for such items on the market. Items that are not of high-quality or likely to sell rapidly are not selected by a buyer.

The process for buying diamond jewelry requires knowledge of clarity and diamond quality. The value of the diamond is the primary focus for purchases. The type of metal setting that holds the diamond is equally as important. Diamonds that are not set in platinum do not possess a high-market value.

Platinum is a more expensive metal utilized to maintain a diamond setting. This setting is the most durable of all metals and will securely hold the diamond in place for many generations. Some buyers do purchase diamonds that are set in white gold, but do not always receive as high of a return on their investment.

Diamond Ring Buyers in Louisville are buyers who primarily purchase jewelry items that are available through estate sales. These items were originally released during the turn of the century 1900s or before. Styles include Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Victorian. Popular items purchased through estate sales are wedding rings, pins, and wreath style necklaces. Authentic pearl and cameo necklaces are also popular choices.

Some updated styles such as retro 1960s jewelry is purchased by buyers. Popular items are those worn by screen legends and other celebrities of that era. The notoriety of the celebrities is often the reason for their popularity and demand on the market. Primarily, these items consist of cocktail rings with large diamond and gemstone combinations.

Jewelry created by Harry Winston or Tiffany are vastly popular items for high-end buyers. Diamond Buyers Louisville groups that cater to celebrities opt to purchase these items for resale more often than jewelry stores and individual sellers. These items generate hundreds of thousands of dollars or more depending upon the diamond size and quality.

Antique silver or gold rings are popular among buyers. antiquarian silver not be mistaken for today’s sterling options possess high market value within estate sales. Rose gold has gained popularity in recent years and appeared in numerous collections of Art Nouveau jewelry. Jordan Clines are the regions strongest buyer for diamonds and other jewelry. Get in touch with them.

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