Preparing Children For Dental Care

by | Apr 11, 2012 | Dentistry

For many children, the idea of visiting a family dentist in Las Vegas is frightening, but there are some things parents can do to prepare children to go to the dentist, alleviate stress associated with dental visits, and pave the way for good habits in oral health.

First, a parent should prepare a child for what to expect at the dentist, because not knowing what might happen is often a source of fear for a child who has never been to the dentist. Parents can set a positive example by willingly attending their own dentist visits, practicing good oral hygiene habits at home, and helping children form good behaviors for brushing and flossing teeth as well. There are also many books and other resources parents can use to teach children about what to expect when it comes to the dentists, setting up positive expectations in advance.

Next, it is up to the parent to find a dentist that is knowledgeable and professional, and who works well with children. There are many things that a family dentist in Las Vegas can do to provide a positive atmosphere for the children who are coming to visit.

Some pediatric dentists may offer an initial visit that consists of a quick check-up and a chance for the child to talk to the dentist without having to complete any painful procedures or see any scary instruments. The dentist may show the children the exam area, let them play with some of the fun tools, and talk to them about good oral hygiene practices for when they get home. Having a happy, stress-free initial interaction can set up a more positive experience for subsequent visits.

The waiting area for a family dentist in Las Vegas is the first thing children will see when they arrive, and should be a place with games, toys, and other items to keep children occupied while they wait. Once inside, the dentist and all the staff should be working to make a child’s visit as easy and painless as possible. This may include incorporating methods such as talking about a procedure before doing it, showing the child the tools and explaining what can be expected so there are no surprises once treatment begins.

When parents take time to prepare children for a visit to the family dentist in Las Vegas, and find a dental office that provides good care for children, the children will be more likely to have a positive experience and make oral health and hygiene part of their wellness routine.


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