Problems with Flooded Crawlspace Need Professional Remediation

by | Sep 22, 2012 | Home Improvement

If your Arizona home has been seriously flooded, mopping and drying the floor is probably not going to be enough if water has penetrated under the surface. Water that has grown stagnant can cause significant damage to the structure of your floor, as well as the surrounding walls. In some instances, flooding may merely occur due to broken pipes underneath the floor in the crawlspace. Water damage restoration for flooded spaces underneath your house in Phoenix, AZ requires special equipment and techniques that are not accessible to most homeowners. But with the right tools and expertise, it’s possible for a water damage restoration company in Phoenix, AZ to safely dry your crawlspace without contaminating your home.

The crawlspace is a difficult part of the structure of the house to access, as well as to clean up and extract stagnant water. Homeowners may try ineffective methods of extraction water, such as hunkering into the space and using buckets to move water while blowing fans on the soil of the space in an attempt to dry it. This kind of technique will likely cause more harm than good. But you can’t just let the water stand and grow stagnant or it can cause damage to your property and become toxic. Remediation must be done as quickly as possible.

Usually, when water floods a crawlspace, it’s because of a broken pipe. If you cannot ascertain the cause, a water damage restoration specialist in Phoenix, AZ will be able to do so. Plumbers will need to be called to repair any broken pipes or to fix problems with irrigation; however, the first step is to extract the water. Plumbers likely will not enter a flooded crawlspace, so if you know the source of the broken pipe and can turn off the water, this should be done immediately.

It is usually humid in a crawlspace. When water is added to the equation, various microbial organisms will have the opportunity to proliferate from the soil and pollute the air. It is therefore important, if at all possible, to keep the crawlspace air closed off from the living area of the house. A professional water damage restoration technician in Phoenix, AZ will extract the water, as well as the air in the space, using a pressure system that filters both the water and air out of the space while dehumidifying. This is basically the only way to safely extract water and possible contaminants from a crawlspace. Fans should never be used, since they will merely blow bad air into the living space.

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