Protect Yourself with a Reputable Property Management Company

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Real Estate

When you choose to partner up with a property management firm, they will decide what your unique needs are to create a solid plan of action that will drive results and increase profits.  They will have a legal professional create a lease so that it is not only according to the law but will give the property owner a great deal of protection.  Having a below par written lease is the biggest mistake property owners can make.  It is vital your lease is written precisely so that both you, as the landlord, and your tenants are well protected in all circumstances.  If you do not have a good lease in place, then you will have very little control over certain things that relate to your property.  A high quality management firm will give a huge amount of support and expert advice geared towards your properties.  There is no standard approach when it comes to managing real estate.  Landlords need a custom-made plan tailored for their individual needs.

Inspecting to Stay Safe

Heating and cooling units should be tested to ensure they are in good working condition.  This helps to reduce the risk of gas leaks, carbon monoxide leakage, or other toxic substances that could potentially be emitted into the air.  Electrical wiring is also vital, and it should be checked as well to ensure it is up to local building code standards.  These inspections are inexpensive to carry out, so they should always be done.  Your property should be completely pest-free as well.  Ants, beetles, cockroaches, or other pests must be removed before you show your property to prospective tenants.  Nobody wants to live in a home full of bugs or pests.  Make sure you get a general inspector at least once a year so that they can test for damaged water lines, bugs, or heating system issues.

Keeping up with Interior Inspections

When landlords decide to rent their property, they place their trust in the tenants who reside in their investment properties.  They expect them to keep the properties in good condition.  After the property has been rented, managers and landlords often find it difficult to inspect them as they should be if it is not written in the lease they can enter the premises.  It is important to list entry rights in the lease so that they can make certain tenants are not causing serious damage to their properties.  Inspection duties are usually assigned to the real estate asset management Fort Smith firm they hire.  Property owners just would not have time to inspect everything on their own.


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