Real Madrid Polo and Types of Polo Shirts

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Shopping

The polo shirt was actually inspired by the long sleeved polo shirts that players wore in the 1800’s. The very popular short sleeved shirts like real madrid polos didn’t become popular until 1926. Today they aren’t only popular with polo players but with soccer players, tennis players, and golfers as well. They are now popular with not only men but women also. Polo shirts come in many different colors, styles, and fabrics. Below are some of the kinds of polo shirts for your perusal.

Cotton Polo shirts are the most widely available and also some of the most popular polo shirts around. Shirts like real madrid polo shirts come in a variety of styles and colors. Cotton is more light weight and makes it easier for the fabric to breathe when you are on the field, so you don’t sweat quite as much. The only downside is that cotton wrinkles easily and can shrink in the wash, if you aren’t careful.

Performance Polo’s are a little pricey and mostly worn by golfers and tennis professionals during competition. They are built to withstand the elements and are sweat resistant; many of them offer built-in UV protection as well.

Jersey knit Polo’s are built along the same premise as performance Polo’s. They have highly breathable fabric, but are a lower quality. They tend to get worn out faster than other kinds of fabrics.

Silk Polo’s are worn for special occasions, like formal dinners or awards ceremonies; many people wear them just for a night out on the town. The shiny, smooth material seems to shimmer in the light, making them look great under a dinner or sports jacket. High quality real madrid polo shirts are made of many of the fabrics above and are sturdy as well. Silk Polo’s are not meant to be worn in sporting events or on the field. They will not stand up to the rough and tough play and are not breathable, so you will start to sweat.

Polo shirts are some of the most popular kinds of shirts on the market today, and there is one out there for every occasion.


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