Reasons to Consider Cremation From an Auburn Funeral Home Over Burial

by | Mar 2, 2020 | General

When you’re deciding about details pertaining to your funeral or that of a loved one who has passed, consider the benefits of cremation compared to burial. You can still have a memorial service or funeral with cremation but will typically save money because of the lack of a casket and opening a grave. The following are a few other reasons to consider cremation compared to a burial when meeting with a funeral director.


The price of cremation is often less expensive than that of a funeral in Auburn, WA, and burial. You won’t need to purchase a casket and won’t need to spend the money getting a headstone or opening the grave as you would with cremation. With a traditional funeral, you’ll usually need to pay for the transportation services to the cemetery and the embalming, which can result in spending even more money than you wanted to spend.


Even if you choose cremation, you can usually still have a memorial service that has similar details as what a funeral would have. Most funeral homes will also let you rent a casket for a short time or offer to use a casket for the service. You can have music at the service as well as a speaker who you would have at a traditional funeral.


If you’ve walked through a cemetery, then you’ve likely noticed that there isn’t a lot of space available. A benefit of cremation instead of a funeral in Auburn, WA, is that the option won’t take up any space in a cemetery, which can help with overcrowding issues.

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