Schedule a Cleaning from a Dentist in Cincinnati Today for Good Health

by | Aug 2, 2013 | Dentist

Dental cleanings may not be a favorite activity for many people, but they are important and should not be missed. A Dentist in Cincinnati OH is able to schedule appointments for this service when it is convenient. This should be done once every six months. Those with gum disease may need to come in for cleaning more often, usually once every three months.

Healthy gums and teeth are an important part of one’s overall health. Allowing them to become diseased can have detrimental effects on the rest of the body. A dental cleaning will remove plague and tartar from the teeth. These unpleasant formations are the result of bacterial action on the teeth. The substances cannot be removed through regular brushing, so this is why regularly visiting a Dentist in Cincinnati OH is important.

The substances can get underneath the gum line, and this will cause infection. The evidence of a problem comes in the form of bleeding gums. As the infection is allowed to stay and spread, deep pockets can be formed in the guns around the teeth. The bone will fall away from infected areas, loosening the teeth. Eventually these teeth will fall out.

A dental cleaning as often as recommended can also prevent other health problems. Bad teeth, decay, and infection have been linked to heart disease issues, stroke, and arthritis. Infection can also lead to blood poisoning and the toxins may reach the brain. People have died from infections that have stemmed from neglected teeth. A routine dental cleaning is inexpensive, and patients only spend about an average of 20 -; 30 minutes at a Dentist in Cincinnati OH.

The process is quite simple. The Dentist in Cincinnati OH will scale away the visible plaque and tartar from the teeth. Then, a tool will be used to remove it from below the gum line if needed. This process is called root planning, and is only used when teeth have been neglected for some time. This process may need at least two appointments to complete. If root planing is not necessary, the dentist will use a special paste to polish the teeth. At this point, they are free from tartar and the breath should be fresh.

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