Send Custom Chocolate Hearts as Different Types of Gifts

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Shopping

There are many ways to show someone you love her, but when the person is located far away, it can prove to be difficult. One of the sweetest ways to get your message across is with custom chocolate hearts. Imagine a loved one’s delight when she opens the door to a delicious box of gourmet chocolate hearts wrapped in a personalized wrapper. For an even larger surprise, you can have the actual candy personalized with a picture, logo or saying, anything you desire to make the occasion even more special.


Sometimes sending someone who lives far away a birthday gift loses some of its meaning along the way. When you can’t be there when they open it, it takes away the element of fun. When you send something as personal as custom chocolate hearts, it’s almost as if you are right there with her as she opens her present. If it’s for your mom, dad or other close relative and you have moved away, send hearts with your picture on them and listen as they weep with delight when they thank you for the thoughtful gift, bringing you closer to them on their special day.

Long-Distance Relationship

It can be difficult to manage a long-distance relationship, especially if you are apart for long periods of time. If you want to surprise your loved one, whether on a special day, such as Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or you simply want to show your love, custom chocolate hearts do the job perfectly. Choose hearts wrapped in her favorite color and include beautiful sayings right on the chocolate, allowing her to savor the moments she is with you and remember them each time she has a piece of delicious, gourmet chocolate.

Thank You

Say thank you in a whole new way by sending candy. Cards are read and often thrown away, but chocolate will definitely stick around as long as they have the willpower. Whether you are a company sending a thank you to clients or you need to send a notion of thanks to loved ones in your life, send a box of gourmet, Belgian hearts with your sentiment printed right on the front. Your appreciation will be remembered for a long time.

Custom chocolate hearts have many uses when you are trying to send a message long-distance. They show you are thoughtful by taking the time to create this gift and appreciate the person to whom you are sending them. Any occasion is the perfect time to send personalized candy to anyone in your life.

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