Services Provided By Your Preferred Dentist In Lubbock, TX

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Dentistry

A Dentist in Lubbock, TX offers a wealth of services that will allow you to maintain health teeth and gums. These services will prevent you from acquiring serious conditions of the teeth and gums that will adversely affect the way you chew and speak. These conditions could lead to significant tooth loss or lead you to obtain gum disease. If you have questions or concerns about oral care or these conditions, you should contact your preferred dentist and schedule a consultation immediately.

Cosmetic Treatments and Aesthetics

You may receive several cosmetic treatment options that allow you to restore the look of your smile. These services include teeth whitening, veneers, and crowns. Your selected dentist will explain how these treatment options are utilized, what to expect, and common results associated with each option. You will also discover which options are covered under your selected dental plan, which will open the door for you to receive several much-needed services.

Basic Treatment Options

Your dental professional will offer you a multitude of basic dentistry options that will prevent tooth loss and decay. These services include fillings and cleanings as your first line of defense against tooth decay. Your dentist will utilize these cleanings to determine if you have any existing dental conditions that may pose a problem to your overall oral health. Fillings are performed when your dentist discovers cavities. He or she will assist you and determining which dental treatment options are best suited for your needs. You can schedule these treatments based on availability of your selected dentist and determine the required fees ahead of time.


Your dentist will enable you to safeguard your teeth and gums. This professional will educate you in methods to prevent tooth loss and decay. By acquiring dental services, you may prevent tooth loss or other significantly adverse conditions that affect the teeth and gums. Your preferred dentist will additionally provide you with options for improving the aesthetics of your smile. These cosmetic services are covered under most dental insurance policies. You should consult your provider to determine whether these options are available to you through your dental plan.

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