Setting Up Your Trade Show Displays: Stands and More

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Business

Do you want to ensure your trade show display is the best it can be? An impressive display can get people to stop and pay attention and can help you increase your chances of success in gaining leads.

Things to consider when setting up your display include:

Display Stands

Do you have more than a table and a booth wall for your display? While simple could be effective it could be very advantageous to invest in display stands and other booth /exhibit aids.


Literature is helpful. Some experts suggest that you provide it but minimally so because you’ll gain more of an advantage by using the literature to get people to visit your actual website where you can strive to gain an opt-in or other action that helps you follow-up.


Lighting can add to your display. Specific products, awards, and other things you want to draw attention to can be lit in a way that draws the eye to that location. There are trade show display stands that have lighting built in for this very reason.


Displaying logos and other branding, such as your website URL, Facebook page, scannable QR codes, and so forth can all help you ensure that you make a lasting impression with those who visit your booth. You can also give away promotional gifts with your logo as well as coupons or other marketing collateral that could help your visitors remember you (and connect with you) after the event is over.

Tip: work with a company that sells or rents not only trade show display stands and other trade show booth gear but who will also help you with your branding through graphic work.

Consider Show Ready Exhibits

Show-ready exhibits are popular, too. You can have a trade show booth fabricated to suit your specific needs and you can also rent them as well.

Strategy/ Presentation: Displays with Substance

Of course the content in your trade show display stand is important as is the presentation you use to attract people but investing in either the rental or the purchase of quality trade show exhibit accessories and devising a good strategy to engage people and generate leads can help you ensure that you create a display that will attract successful results.

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