Showcase Your Event With Custom Marriage Invitation Cards

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Weddings

When sending out the announcement about your big day, there is nothing you could want more than to send the right message to your guests. Marriage invitation cards range from proper and sophisticated to fun and festive. No matter what style of card you choose to showcase your particular wedding events, there are a few messages that every invitation should convey.

Family Support

Marriage invitation cards show a parent’s love and support for their child. One of the most traditional and important parts of designing your invitations is including the names of the parent or parents who present the bride or groom. It is a proud moment for a parent to see their child grow up and reach a goal of marriage and unity with a partner the love and cherish. The best way to help a parent feel involved and show their involvement and excitement is to include their name on the marriage invite.

Unique Personality

Something custom marriage invitation cards do in a way not possible through other mediums is show a little of the couple’s unique personality. If the couple works together to pick the style, the fonts, the envelopes and other elements of the invitation, their personality as a couple is really able to shine through to the family, friends, and other guests who receive a special invitation. Conveying the personality of the couple is as important as sharing the news of the wedding date itself. By showing who you are and who you are as a couple, your guests will be more excited and involved in the events to follow at the wedding.

Asks The Guests To Join In The Festivities

Marriage invitation cards are especially designed to invite guests to enjoy and celebrate as part of the family. Making your guest feel that their presence at your wedding is important to you starts with the right invitation. By creating an invite that matches your personal style, represents your family and culture, then asks your guests to enjoy with you will be a great foundation for an unforgettable and special day that you, and your guests, will cherish for the rest of your lives.
Whether you choose to include details about the day’s events or simply announce the union of the couple, it is important to convey a clear but unique message to your guests by creating custom marriage invitation cards that honor the parents, the couple, and the guests.

Regal Cards offers unique and personable marriage invitation cards to showcase the special and unique elements of your wedding event.

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