Signs That You Need Septic Tank Cleaning Westchester County NY Service

by | May 30, 2013 | Home Improvement

The septic tank is normally used by rural dwellers or homes that have a lot of property; the Septic system is seen as an independent waste treatment system. It is used because in such areas, it is impractical to have a public sewage. The system works as wastewater leaves the household and enters the tank through drainage pipes. It then sits and later separates where the solid waste accumulates at the bottom. Later, it is sucked and the liquid flows to a field drain where they remove bacteria and other viruses. This water, which is clean, becomes a natural water cycle as it is absorbed by the ground. Such a system is likely to fail and this may call for a cleanup. Septic Tank Cleaning Westchester County NY service recommends that it is good to keenly inspect your tank to prevent failure.

The fact that it is underground makes it difficult for most people to tell whether it is ok and if it requires cleaning. Many people therefore wait until it is too late and the damage cannot be reversed. As Septic Tank Cleaning Westchester County NY service puts it, it is better to be safe than sorry. Here are some of the red flags that make you realize your tank needs some cleaning.

Slow drainage

The toilet is likely to give you the first hint since it is commonly used in the household. If you notice that it is taking slower than normal time to drain the toilet, do not hesitate to have it cleaned.

Failure of the sewage backup

If the sewage backup is no longer working, it means that there is a problem with the underground system and it needs to be checked.

Clogged lines

When the lines leading to the drainage are clogged, it probably means that the scum has accumulated and needs to be cleaned. Septic Tank Cleaning Westchester County NY service often encounters this problem and is skilled at cleaning this up.


This can be the most annoying sign and may require your immediate action. Septic tank failure can result in a very disgusting smell that can be felt miles away. Such an embarrassment can only be avoided by cleaning your septic tank.


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