Suit Up for Summer with Laser Hair Removal Tucson

by | May 21, 2013 | Health

With summer just around the corner, women across the country start thinking about getting into bathing suits and looking amazing. Whether or not you’ve been busting your buns at boot camp since the New Year or practicing Pilates since President’s Day, nothing can derail your plans for a hot beach bod faster than unwanted hair. Obvious body hair is a major confidence buster, whether it’s on your legs, arms or face, and many women resort to painful and downright inhumane methods in order to have the smooth skin they want, but there is a much better way to get rid of those unsightly hairs: Laser Hair Removal Tucson. Rather than suffering through leg and bikini waxes all summer or being dependent on shaving every day, you can get up, dress, and go without a second thought.

Laser Hair Removal Tucson works by targeting hair growth under the skin where it all begins. By using medical quality lasers that utilize advanced technology, Tucson Chemical doctors and licensed cosmetologists can safely and permanently disable hair growth with very little pain or discomfort to the patient. The laser works by applying enough heat to the melanin within the hair follicle to cause just enough cell damage to prevent regrowth. While the procedure works best on patients with dark hair and light skin, other skin and hair combinations have varying degrees of success, and new, more advanced lasers are currently coming onto the market that can work for patients with both dark skin and dark hair. Most professionals recommend a series of treatments over a period of time that can last anywhere from four to six weeks to several months, depending on the type of hair being treated, and for maximum results, it’s best to stick to a regular schedule of visits. You may notice increased sensitivity or a small rash in the skin that has been treated, but all side effects go away within a few days of treatment.

With a busy summer of fun, family and friends ahead, don’t be a slave to unwanted body hair. Talk to an expert in Laser Hair Removal Tucson about getting the satiny smooth skin you deserve, and you’ll be glad you did.

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