The Benefits And Uses Of Nickel Boron Coating

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Business

Until the concerns with environmental issues raised its head, chrome plating was King. However, with increased involvement by the government and higher levels of public concerns, many companies have now switched to a nickel boron coating. As a result, it has come to have an extensive range of applications.

What Is Nickel Boron Coating?

A coating is a layer of metal or ceramics applied to the surface of another metal or other material. A nickel boron coating is one that has been engineered or created to be implemented in a thin layer on a variety of different metals without any issues. Among the possible basis metals are

* Aluminum
* Cobalt Alloys
* Copper Alloys
* Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys
* Steel
* Titanium

Benefits of Nickel Boron Coating

Nickel boron has any number of uses in the industry. It is sought after for any of several reasons, particularly in the military and arms-related industry because of its high hardness rating. In fact, a nickel boron coating system provides metal with some benefits including:

* Increased resistance to corrosion – particularly if heat treated
* Increased resistance to wear and abrasion
* Increased lubricity (Friction reduction)
* Adheres easily and forcefully to the selected substrates
* Requires less cleaning
* Can coat any part – regardless of size, with a uniform thickness

A nickel boron coating can be beneficial in some ways including an increased life cycle as well as an overall reduction in maintenance costs. The hardness is an integral part of the nickel boron coating. The amount of boron can be varied for a client ranging from 0.1 to 10%. While the hardness – which is part of the coating and not just the substrate, is one obvious attraction, so, too, is the ability to conform to both legislated and desirable environmental levels.

Industries Using Nickel Boron Coating

Some industries apply a nickel boron coating to their components to achieve improvements over the initial metal. In fact, some industries have begun to jettison the traditional chrome coatings to avoid issues arising from environmental and regulatory concerns. Companies the currently are utilizing nickel boron coating include:

* Military industry
* Defense industry
* Oil and gas industries
* Automotive industry
* Aerospace industry

Applying a nickel boron coating is an excellent choice for most new products. It is also beneficial for older and worn components. Its addition adds some qualities that prove beneficial for the use of the item. Whether your company manufactures items for the military, defense or aerospace industries, a nickel boron coating is an attractive and practical means of achieving improvement while reducing environmental concerns.

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