The Benefits Of A Low Carb Diabetic Diet

by | Jun 25, 2013 | Food and Drink

A low carb diabetic diet offers a number of benefits for those diabetics who can control the amount of calories. Although there is considerable disagreement about a low carb diet for diabetics, it does appear that it has the ability to moderate and control blood sugar with less dependence on outside controlling factors such as insulin. As well as causing the user to lose weight, insulin resistance is also decreased. Insulin resistance is when a cell refuses to act with the insulin in the body. There appears to be a positive effect on the symptoms of diabetes; the blood pressure drops and kidney function and high cholesterol are decreased because, thanks to the diet, the body is better set to use glucose.

A low carb diabetic diet zero’s in on keeping glucose low. Carbohydrates, things such as candy, bread, fruit etc get turned into sugar, eating any of these products will increase an individual’s blood sugar. As you can imagine, by keeping the carbohydrate intake low it results in lower blood sugar, this will have a positive effect on the amount of medication the diabetic will need to control the glucose.

When a diabetic eats a low carb diet, the amount of calories taken in is lowered, this results in weight loss. Maintaining and losing weight is of considerable advantage to the diabetic because it helps keeping the blood sugar under control as well as other detrimental effects of diabetes. To make up for that which is lost by reducing carbohydrates, vitamins are taken as a compliment to the diet.

When the cells in the body have shown immunity to insulin, this is called “insulin resistance.” When this happens it will take additional insulin to lower the high blood sugar. This continues and the diabetic has to take more and more insulin all the time. A low carb diabetic diet helps fight insulin resistance by decreasing the glucose content of the blood. If there is less glucose, there is less insulin, the cells then have increased sensitivity when insulin is released, resulting in their acting more normal.

Diabetes has unfavorable side effects such as hypertension, high cholesterol and the tendency to impair the kidney function. When the diabetic follows a low carb diet the blood sugar will be decreased, there will be weight loss which will result in increases sensitivity to insulin again. Click here for more information.


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