The Benefits of Chinese Oolong Tea

by | Jan 4, 2013 | Business

Tea is a popular drink around the globe. Not only does it offer an excellent beverage, but it also provides a variety of different health benefits. In particular, Chinese Oolong tea is a wonderful tea that is served as a popular drinking in many Chinese restaurants. However, many people don’t even know what oolong tea really is. Most people have heard of green and black tea, but oolong tea seems to be a best kept secret among the Western world.

Chinese Oolong Tea Defined

So what is the difference between oolong tea and other types of tea? Many teas typically come from the plant called camellia sinensis. These plants are typically harvested for their buds and leaves. Chinese oolong tea usually combines one bud with three leaves.

Despite what many people may think, oolong tea, though similar, is not green or black tea. Oolong tea is only slightly fermented, unlike black or green tea. It also contains a smaller amount of caffeine than black tea does, and boasts a more delicate flavor. During the fermentation process, some of the antioxidant properties are removed. However, it’s thanks to this process that oolong tea is less grassy than its green tea brother.

Chinese Oolong Tea Benefits

Fortunately, there are many health benefits when it comes to Chinese oolong tea. All tea naturally contain large amounts of what are called polyphenol catechins, or antioxidant compounds that will help to decrease the risk of many kinds of cancer. They will also help to lower cholesterol and promote successful weight loss. There are possibly many other health benefits that are associated with oolong tea. However, because oolong tea only accounts for a small percentage of over all tea consumption and sales, researchers and scientists are only beginning to recognize the benefits of oolong tea. Also, you can consider green tea and all of its benefits, which can be used as an indication for the possible health benefits that its oolong counterpart may offer.

When you’re looking for something healthy to add to your diet, you may want to consider sipping on some Chinese oolong tea. Oolong tea and other types of tea can make wonderful additions to your diet. Tea can help when you’re looking for a natural source for antioxidants, or you’re just wanting to cuddle up next to the fire on a cold winter night with a hot drink. Whether you’re searching for health benefits, or a source of good flavor, tea can offer it all and more.

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