The Benefits of the Ionic Salt Lamp

by | Nov 8, 2012 | Shopping

Himalayan salt rock is often known for its incredible powers. A rock that is found deep down in the Himalayan Mountains, the salts have been undisturbed for many years, allowing them to take on beautiful properties many people now use as an ionic salt lamp. The lamp is constructed from the rock salt that is hollowed out with a 15-watt light bulb place in the middle of it to offer a soft, subtle glow. There are many benefits of using these lamps that are growing in popularity throughout the world.

Fewer Illnesses

When the ionic salt lamp heats up from the light bulb, negative ions are released. There are many benefits to negative ions, including improved moods, less fatigue and reduced allergens, as well as fewer respiratory issues. Negative ions are also known to induce sleep in those who suffer from insomnia and to reduce the number of headaches people experience.

Increased Productivity

The negative ions the ionic salt lamp gives off allow users to feel less stressed. When you experience a lower amount of stress, you are able to be more productive. Stress is a factor in decreased production simply because it causes you to worry about other factors and not focus on the task at hand. In addition to feeling a decreased amount of stress, you will also have greater concentration, allowing you to focus on your tasks, achieving more in your day.

Help for Asthma

An ionic salt lamp is one of the most natural ways to help asthma sufferers. Just like the air purifiers retail stores sell, the salt lamp is the most natural way to achieve the same effect. The difference is the levels of negative ions that are released into the air from your salt lamp are much greater than any air purifier you could purchase from a retail store.

There are many benefits the Himalayan ionic salt lamp can offer to users. If you suffer from any type of chronic illness, chronic fatigue, mood disorder or allergies, this lamp is a great way to help yourself feel better naturally. Anyone who suffers from respiratory illnesses, especially asthma, also benefit greatly from the effects of the salt lamp. Whether you place a salt lamp in your home or office, you will realize a large number of benefits that will help you feel great.

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