The Benefits of Trade Show Exhibit Rental

by | Mar 22, 2013 | Business

Trade shows are a great way to showcase what your company has to offer to hundreds of consumers at one time. For many businesses, though, purchasing, transporting and setting up an exhibit booth are beyond their capabilities. Whether you have just started out, you are tight on space or you travel large distances to your trade shows, you can benefit from trade show exhibit rentals, rather than owning your own exhibit.

New Businesses

As a new business, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on marketing efforts before you know what is going to work and not work for your company. Since a trade show exhibit can be quite an investment, especially if you want a custom display, you can take advantage of rental exhibits until you have a firm grasp on what you want. This enables you to try out different displays at several shows until you determine exactly which one works the best for your company.

Less Storage

One of the largest advantages of trade show exhibit rental is the elimination of the need to find a place to store your exhibit. When you are considering the costs of the display, it means more than the cost of the actual exhibit itself. You must factor in the cost of storage, insurance and transportation, not to mention the labor involved in caring for and transporting the display.


If you travel to trade shows that are a long distance from your business, it can get expensive and cumbersome to transport the displays. If your exhibit is large, it can even become difficult to coordinate transportation. This also adds the worry of ensuring your exhibit makes it to your show on time. When you rent your displays, you can have them delivered directly to the trade show or choose companies that are closer to the show you will be attending to cut down on costs, as well as labor.

Putting together an exciting exhibit for your trade show takes many considerations. Before you truly know what works and does not work for your exhibits, you can use trade show exhibit rental to your advantage. Change your look as much as you want without the worry of extra expenses or figuring out where you will store your display. Renting offers many advantages purchasing a display does not, giving you the upper hand against your competition.

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