The Features Of Winchester Gun Safes

by | Jul 24, 2013 | Security

To protect your valuable guns from fire and theft, Winchester Gun Safes are some of the best around. These safes are specifically made to withstand the extreme heat if you have a house fire. They’re also built with maximum security features to prevent burglars from stealing your prized possessions. Below you’ll find details on this company’s best safes for your gun collection.

Fire Protection

Winchester has several models of gun safes to choose from including the Legacy, Silverado, Ranger and the Big Daddy. These safes have been upgraded by the company to provide better fire protection for a longer amount of time at higher levels of heat. On select models, the safes will withstand a temperature of 1400 degrees for up to 2 hours. The doors on these safes are constructed with five separate layers of fire board and the body has four layers to protect your guns from the extreme heat of a house fire.

Theft Protection

To protect your guns from theft, Winchester Gun Safes from Vault And Safe offer maximum protection from burglaries. The Legacy Series is made out of 10 gauge, drill resistant steel, so there’s no way a thief can drill into your safe and steal your guns. The locking system consists of a four-way locking mechanism with 20 steel locking bolts made out of 2 inch solid steel, so they’re strong and burglar proof. You can choose either an electronic lock or a mechanical lock for your safe.


It doesn’t matter how many guns you own, Winchester has several different sizes of safes to hold all of them. Smaller sized safes such as the Silverado Premier 23 or the Ranger Deluxe 19 will keep up to 24 of your guns safe. The Silverado Premier 49 and the Big Daddy protects 54 of your guns from fire and theft. If you own a pistol, you may want to invest in an interior padded pistol gun safe that has a secure fingerprint lock system. The Legacy safe measures 72 inches high, 42 inches wide and has a depth of 30 inches. Before buying your safe, measure the area in the room where you’re going to place it, so it will for sure fit.

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