The Importance of Inpatient Sex Addiction Rehab

by | Aug 24, 2012 | Health And Fitness

Addictions are not widely accepted in society today, and sex addiction is the one that is looked down upon the most. Society looks at those who suffer from sex addiction as dirty, wrong and immoral. Unfortunately, this has caused those who suffer from a sex addiction to not seek the help they need due to shame or embarrassment. It is important for those who suffer from sex addiction to seek the appropriate rehab program to successfully recover from their addiction. Sex addiction rehab is available at a large number of rehab clinics and is just as serious as drug or alcohol rehab.

The Behaviors of a Sex Addict

The behaviors of sex addiction vary from person to person. A few of the behaviors include the inability to refrain from having sex, the inability to hold a relationship, addiction to pornography and the act of having sex with multiple partners. Any sex addict can exhibit one or more of these behaviors or have other symptoms that are unique to their addiction. The most important factor is to be able to recognize you are suffering from an addiction, getting the help you need.

Every human being has a sex drive; it is the behaviors that are exhibited to satisfy that sex drive that determines whether a person is suffering from a sex addiction. A person who has a naturally high sex drive is not automatically considered an addict if the sex drive is appropriately handled and does not interfere with daily life.

Inpatient Sex Addiction Rehab

Sex addiction rehab helps those suffering from a sex addiction who have damaged relationships, lost jobs and are unable to function in their daily life without sex. While there are plenty of outpatient programs available, removing yourself from the environment in which you live and deal with your sex addiction on a daily basis is the best treatment. Inpatient treatment puts patients in a safe environment where there is no access to the outside world, including pornographic material and other triggers that cause a sex addict to act out.

A patient in sex addiction rehab will undergo a detoxification period, just like a drug addict would. Removing the addict from the sexual behaviors that are ruining his life could take a few weeks. Once the detox has occurred, the addict will undergo an intensive therapy program that is meant to determine the underlying reason for the sex addiction, as well as help the patient learn how to live a normal life without the destructive behaviors.

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