The Roles and Responsibilities of Bankruptcy Lawyers

by | Feb 27, 2012 | Law And Politics


Bankruptcy lawyers

Bankruptcy lawyers

Bankruptcy refers to a person’s inability to clear his debts due to financial shortage. Personal bankruptcy is a very daunting and emotional a decision to make. There are several factors that may lead to bankruptcy including unemployment and health issues. Basically, bankruptcy lawyers specialize in negotiating cases through bankruptcy laws.

A lawyer can assist you in eliminating your debt or re-organizing the debts. Some of the duties and responsibilities of bankruptcy lawyers include:

  • Consultation- During the first consultation with the client, the lawyer assesses the financial situation of the client. During the initial consultation, the lawyer is able to understand your financial goals and discuss various debt relief options that may be available to you. It is also at this first meeting that the lawyer has to agree on the fees to be paid by the client. The first meeting between the lawyer and the client is very importance as it marks the beginning of the legal process.
  • In addition, bankruptcy lawyers Lancaster, CA analyses the clients’ total assets and liabilities. Bankruptcy is a financial debt relief option that helps a person to clear his/her debts through the liquidation of non-exempt assets. Therefore, the assets as well as the liabilities of the debtor have to be considered. The lawyers then decide on the best bankruptcy option the client should go for.
  • It is also the duty of bankruptcy lawyers Lancaster, CA to handle the creditors on behalf of the client. On hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, the lawyer accepts the collection calls from creditors on your behalf. The creditors are not likely to disturb you much once you have hired a bankruptcy attorney to legally represent you.
  • It is also the responsibility of bankruptcy lawyers to file a bankruptcy petition to the court. This is actually the key responsibility of the lawyer; preparing, typing and filing your bankruptcy petition. Before the petition is presented to court, it is imperative to have it reviewed by the client to ensure than all the assets and creditors are listed correctly.
  • The bankruptcy lawyers also represent their clients in court hearings. Depending on the bankruptcy rules, the lawyer will attend several court hearings on your behalf. The lawyer is also supposed to attend the confirmation hearing.

Bankruptcy can be a very sensitive and intricate case to deal with. The case is however much easier to manage with the assistance of a capable attorney. Lancaster, CA is endowed with many competent lawyers for clients to choose from. For the best legal representation by a lawyer, it is imperative for a client to disclose all the information relating to the case. Ensure that you disclose the particulars of all your assets and debts to the attorney to avoid deceitful charges.

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