Tips For Residential Marble Cleaning In Portland, OR

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Cleaning

Marble flooring is a beautiful flooring option found in many homes today. Choosing marble flooring is an elegant way to make a home’s floors look spectacular. It makes a home look welcoming and attractive to visitors. Choosing the correct flooring is imperative and must be done with great care. Proper Residential Marble Cleaning Portland can make a home with marble flooring look classy and elegant. Unfortunately, many people are not knowledgeable about the best way to maintain marble flooring and keeping it clean.

One of the softer and more delicate floorings, marble can be used in a variety of ways other than just flooring. It is used on walls, counter-tops, showers and several other areas of homes and businesses. With marble flooring being more popular these days, the need has come about to make sure that it is cleaned correctly to maintain its elegant appearance. Marble flooring is easily cleanable with the right components. Marble is extremely porous and can be easily stained as well as being damaged by using the wrong chemicals for cleaning. Care must be taken when doing Residential Marble Cleaning Portland OR. If not properly maintained, marble flooring can have a very short life span in a home.


1. Make sure floor is clean of dirt dust and other loose particles.

2. Use a neutral base cleaner (pH 7.0-10.0)

3. Always clean stains as soon as they happen. This can help prevent permanent staining on the marble flooring

4. Use throw rugs in high traffic areas such as entryways, halls, etc. This helps prevent gravel and grit from marring the surface of the marble.

5. Never use an acid based cleaner. The acidity can ruin the finish on the marble floorings. Baking soda makes and excellent cleaner for marble flooring.

Do not neglect your marble flooring. Not caring for your floors will cause them to become stained and marred a lot sooner than they normally would. This can cause the need to replace the flooring a lot sooner than is expected.

A professional marble floor cleaner can teach you the best way to keep your marble floor in pristine condition in between professional floor cleanings. Visit for details.

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