Tips on Shopping for Golf Clothing

by | Sep 17, 2012 | Shopping

Golf is a prestigious game. Not everyone shows interest in this game and since playing it is an expensive affair, not many get into it. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make it unpopular. It is one of the most adored games in the world. There are golf pros that put in a lot of efforts to learn and play the sport on a regular basis.

The essentials of golf attire

Here are some of the garments that together form an authentic golf outfit,

1. Golf shirt – This is typically a T-shirt that is colored and half sleeved. Some do wear slightly varied designs too. The golf shirts come in different textures and colors. Usually the attire protocol is to tuck the shirt in to give a classy look to the golfer

2. Golf trousers – The golf trousers are full pants which come in various materials. These days, golfers prefer to purchase “all-weather” golf trousers which are made out of fabric that can be worn in any season comfortably.

3. Golf shorts – Some golfers prefer to play with shorts rather than trousers, especially on a hot day. Again, the design remains more or less uniform, but the fabric used may differ.

4. Golf caps – These are not very different from normal caps. Some prefer to wear full head caps while some just like to wear the hollow caps which just provide shade to the face.

5. Golf shoes – It is compulsory for the golfers to wear golf shoes on the course. Senior golfers prefer wearing shoes that have spikes and a special design that support their movement on the course while they play.

Other than these, sweaters, jackets, neck covers, arm sleeves, and so on are also used by golfers.

Where to find golf clothing

1. Sports shops – The first option would be to look out for golf clothing in local sports stores. Such shops cater to the clothing and equipment needs of multiple sports. However, you may not get a discounted price at all the times here.

2. Online shops – There are many online shopping websites that provide sports related clothing. Many websites specifically deal with golf clothing and golf accessories as well. These shops do sell products with a lesser price when compared to the normal shops.

3. Golf clubs – There are many clubs and groups that take care of golf course equipments and also sell items that are essential for the golfers. However, you may have to pay little more than the market price here and you may not get many colors.

On the whole, golf is a disciplined game and the same quality is seen in the golf attire too. By buying your outfit from a proper place, you can look like a true golfer.

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