Tools that you should hire, not purchase

by | May 3, 2013 | Industrial Goods and Services

It makes very little sense to purchase a tool that you may only use once or twice in a year, or even worse, for a single project. Rather than buy the tool, only to see it gathering dust in your tool shed, consider getting what you need from tool hire in Brighton. When you hire tools, you will get superior equipment that will allow you to complete a project of high quality and probably faster.

The following tools are those that should be hired in.

* Tile saw: It is possible to buy a tile saw in a DIY home store for less than £50. This may sound like a great deal, but cheap tile saws have limits on their capability. These inexpensive saws can only tackle ceramic or porcelain tiles; they cannot cope with marble, granite or thick tiles usually used on floors. They also have a small deck surface so tiles in the 16-22 inch range cannot be accommodated. The tile saws that you get from tool hire Brighton are extremely high quality, and they will handle any size tile or any material.

* Post hole digger: It was not many years ago when a post hole digger was a clamshell affair that limited your production to a few holes a day. Today, a post hole digger is a powered auger that drills the hole. These augers are usually two-man operation or you can also hire one, which is attached to a skid-steer machine. The type you hire will depend a lot on the type of soil you are faced with. If the soil is hard or compacted a skid-steer attachment will be best, you should be able to dig holes to fence a typical suburban property in less than a day.

* Rotary hammer: There may be times when you have to punch a hole through a concrete wall to accommodate a new water line or perhaps a clothes dryer vent. To get the job done right, you may need a tool with more power than your ordinary drill can deliver. A rotary hammer is an expensive proposition and is not needed for normal drilling, so hiring one is ideal.

* Garden tiller: The tilling needs for all but the most avid of gardeners is only once or twice a year. Rather than purchase a very expensive machine that sits idle for all but 2 or three hours a year, arranging for a tool hire in Brighton makes far more sense.

* Drain auger: Periodically, you will need something a little more powerful than a hand-held snake to clear a clogged drain. Although a hand-held auger is inexpensive, it may not have the length to reach the clog. A drain auger is rented separately from the snake so if your find that the clog is further from the access point than you first thought, it is a simple matter to exchange the snake.

When you are faced with projects that are few and far between, it makes no economic sense to purchase a very expensive piece of equipment when renting it will get the job done at minimal cost.

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