Travel to the Czech Republic for a Romantic Getaway

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Travel & Vacations

Taking a vacation to Europe can be filled with romance and fun for couples who are traveling for a honeymoon or for a couple’s getaway. When you travel to Czech Republic for your couple’s vacation, you will find plenty of options to fulfill your need for romance. Doing your research before you leave for your vacation will allow you to plan your trip so you don’t have to figure everything out once you get there.

Spa Towns

There are spa towns in the Czech Republic that are famous for their curative waters and beautiful architecture. Couples can relax together as they explore these charming and elegant locales, stopping to taste the waters shooting out of fountains within beautiful colonnaded enclosures. If you do your research on the various spa towns that are located in the Czech Republic you can choose one that is close to the other places you are visiting, such as Karlovy Vary, which is located only two hours from Prague.


When you travel to the Czech Republic, make sure you bring something nice to wear. This is because concerts and other cultural events are available in the major cities almost every day. While some of these concerts can be difficult to get tickets to, there are others that are open to the general public and tickets can be quite affordable. These concerts will allow you and your significant other to dress up and enjoy a night of wonderful music in the beautiful setting of a grand concert hall.

Romantic Transportation

If your romantic vacation takes you to the city of Prague, you will be able to enjoy a number of romantic methods of transportation that allow you and your loved one to enjoy some quiet time as a couple. For instance, you can rent paddle boats on the Vltava River or even take a cruise on the river. A funicular rail car runs up Petrin Hill, providing you with fantastic views of the city. You can even take a ride on a horse-drawn carriage in the heart of Old Town.

The Czech Republic is a perfect choice for those looking for a romantic getaway. Known for its spa towns and beautiful concert halls, couples will be able to find something to do that will satisfy both their interests and their need for romance. You can even find romantic transportation options that will take you through the various areas of the city to enjoy some special time together, just the two of you.

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