Types of Car Accidents and Their Magnitude

by | May 10, 2012 | Law Services

Car accidents occur on a daily basis, where some have minor or critical outcomes. The accidents also bring liability where the guilty party is required by law to compensate the innocent victim. It is therefore, essential to have a vast knowledge on automobile incidents and the motor vehicle accident claims. This will help the victim employ a qualified car accident attorney to analyze the case and demand for proper compensation.

When an automobile accident occurs, the major thing to consider is who bears the responsibility for the accident. The accident lawsuit will also depend on the level of the accident and the state’s legal guidelines on negligence. This will then bring in the services of a car accident attorney Riverside who has the required skills to explain the nature of the accident and the right parties to sue.
There are different causes of car accidents that lead to various injuries. The most common ones consist of the following accidents:

Rear Impact: This happens when one is hit or has hit another person from behind. Rear impact accidents mostly occur when the driver has failed to brake on time causing rear impact incident. When this accident does occur, the owner of the auto mobile in the back is the one responsible.
Side Impact: This accident occurs when a car has been hit on the side. Hiring the best car accident attorney means the victim can obtain photographic evidence or hire the services of a professional to act as the witness to the accident. This will help the affected party establish the negligence of the other party.

Head-on Crash: This accident happens when a car is hit from the front. This type of accident mostly occurs when the motorists fails to observe the oncoming traffic. Most car accident attorney Riverside handle head on crash accidents and will advise you accordingly when you are involved in such accidents.

Rollover: This comes about when the automobile flips over or lands on its side. These accidents are rare however, when they do occur the victim can in few circumstances sue the manufacturer of the automobile for poor design.

Runoff: These accidents usually occur when only one vehicle runs off the road. They take place when the accident victim is not concentrating or is swerving to avoid another car on the road. Victims cannot claim compensation as they are to blame. However, if another car illegally got on the way, the victim can claim for damages from that other driver.

Despite the damages suffered, the magnitude of fault plays a crucial role in determining the amount of damages that someone can get from the accident injury. In most instances, the insurance firm will, depending on the nature of the accident, establish the level of fault for the parties involved. If the owner of the motor vehicle is in a comparative fault state, the recovery amount will decrease depending on the percentage of comparative fault.

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