Types of Commercial Insurance Houston

by | Apr 30, 2012 | Insurance

Commercial insurance is the type of insurance taken to cover any commercial property or business. Businesses and commercial investments usually involve a lot of financial input. To set up a commercial investment, business or property, a lot of capital funds have to be mobilised. This can either be from personal saving, loans taken from banks or borrowed from friends and other loaning bodies. The stakes are usually high for the success of any commercial venture.

They say starting a business is like giving birth; therefore the ‘child’ has to be protected just like a mother would protect her young. This is where commercial insurance in Houston comes in. Commercial insurance will protect the young business from various forms of damage, liability and loss that may cripple its growth. The input of commercial insurance is very important in any commercial property or business scenario.

There are different kinds of commercial insurance Houston. These include the following:

* Commercial property is any kind of property that is used to make money on a commercial level. The simplest example that could be given of a commercial property would be of a cooler in a fast food restaurant. The cooler is used to chill drinks that are sold to customers and therefore its one of the many commercial properties that can be covered in commercial insurance Houston. The commercial insurance will cover commercial property against loss such as theft and damage caused by fire, vandalism and even break down.

* Commercial buildings are anything from apartment buildings, office parks or business malls. Commercial buildings are areas where any commercial activities are carried out. Buildings are quite expensive to set up and are also vulnerable to various kinds of damages. These include natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires among other losses and damages.

* Commercial insurance Houston also covers commercial autos. These include transportation trucks and Lorries, taxis, ferries and taxi air-crafts. Any auto mobile that is used for commercial purposes such as ferrying goods, public transport, company transportation and advertising can be covered from theft, disasters, vandalism and repair costs. Insuring commercial autos is also important as they are usually a very vital part of day to day running of business.

* Liability is also a great danger to commercial investments and business. Lawsuits that may seem trivial may cost the business a lot of money in settling claims. With commercial insurance coverage, the commercial business will be protected against such claim costs.

* A business owner’s policy is a type of commercial insurance that combines the coverage of the commercial property and liability risks all in one package. It is a very comprehensive form of commercial insurance coverage Houston.

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