Use a Private Investigator in NY for Pre-Marital Investigations

by | Sep 24, 2012 | Business

Today, it is important to understand exactly who you are marrying. Today’s world is so filled with fraudulent people, whether in regards to finances, marital history or criminal history, many people have been badly burned by someone they thought they knew. Rather than taking a leap of faith, you can hire a NY private investigator to give you the cold, hard facts regarding many different issues.

Marital History

How well do you really know the person you intend to marry? How much do you know about his or her past? Maybe he or she told you about a previous marriage or serious relationship, but what if there were children he or she didn’t mention. If the marriage ended badly, do you know the reason? All these factors can play a role in your decision about whether or not you want to get married. Marriage is usually for a lifetime. If that is the way you intend it, it is important to know everything.

Criminal History

A criminal history is not something many people readily admit. It is the general hope that a future spouse would fill you in on such an important matter in his or her life, but many do not. Whether the criminal history is hidden due to embarrassment or your intended is a repeat offender does not matter; you deserve to know the truth about your future spouse before saying your vows.

Employment History

Your intended spouse claims he has a Master’s degree. While this might be true, it may not be. Unless you specifically asked to see his diploma, you would have no way of truly knowing if this is true. What about his employment history? If there is a sketchy past when it comes to employment, it is something you will want to know ahead of time. If the inability to hold a job is a pattern in your future spouse’s life, that could make a difference in your decision. Knowing what you have to deal with is important before you say your vows.

Financial History

While you don’t need to know the exact dollar amount in your future spouse’s bank account for the last 10 years, you might want to know if there is sufficient outstanding credit, any bankruptcies in the past or any liens that exist. Once you are married, all these financial issues can become your issues. The best way to find all this information out ahead of time is to hire a NY private investigator.

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