Using Syringes and Needles at Home to Administer Vitamin B12

by | Dec 28, 2012 | Health And Fitness

Many people have a deficiency of the vitamin B12. This vitamin is water soluble, which means it cannot be stored in the body and must be digested through a proper diet. There are individuals who simply do not get enough vitamin B12 in their diet and others who have various medical conditions, such as anemia, peptic ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome, that prevent their body from absorbing the vitamin. These people are good candidates for vitamin B12 shots. Because the shots need to be taken quite often, many people self-administer them with syringes and needles at home.


The dosage of the vitamin B12 your doctor prescribes will be dependent on your age and the status of your health, as well as the amount of the deficiency you are dealing with. Many doctors start patients on a daily injection of the vitamin, which is why many people learn to use syringes and needles at home to avoid going to the doctor’s office on a daily basis. After the levels get under control, the dosage could get reduced to weekly and eventually monthly dosages.


It is easy to administer the vitamin B12 once you have tried it a few times. Before your doctor will prescribe the injectable vials to you, he will require you to undergo training to understand how to properly administer the vitamin to yourself. This is an intramuscular injection, which means you will have to administer it in the upper thigh or have someone administer it for you in your upper arm.


There are a few safety factors you need to understand before administering vitamin B12 to yourself. First and foremost, never use an expired or damaged vial of the vitamin. Always take the time to inspect the vial to determine it is satisfactory. If you suspect tampering or cannot find an expiration date, dispose of the vial and get a new one. When you insert the syringes and needles into your thigh, always do so with a quick, fluid motion. Do not pull or push on the needle once it is inserted into your muscle, simply press down on the plunger and expel all the medication before pulling the needle out.

If your doctor informs you that you need vitamin B12 shots, you will have to determine if you are comfortable giving yourself injections. If you are, you will have to gather the necessary supplies, including the vitamin, syringes and needles and preparations for the area to successfully practice home health care.

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