What are some great tips for installing vinyl fencing?

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Home And Garden

The installation of vinyl fence in Suffolk County NY is not all that difficult, although the fence posts must be installed properly and in the correct location. The vinyl fencing system includes vinyl posts that maintain the aesthetics of the fence, but there are stronger options that the homeowner may wish to explore. It is possible to use wooden or steel posts but these will have to be color matched when painting. There are also vinyl sleeves that fit over a square wooden post that provides a strong yet durable post.

When you select and purchase the vinyl fence in Suffolk County NY, make sure it is the type with metal inserts. These inserts stop the fence from sagging or warping as the temperature and weather conditions change. Panels without this metal insert have a tendency to warp over time. Although the metal insert panels cost more, the investment will pay dividends in the long run.

The posts:

Locating and setting the fence posts is the key to any fencing success. The hole must be dug so that the area at the bottom of the hole is greater than that at the top of the hole. This is important because it is impossible for the post to rise during those times of the year when there is frost in the ground. If the posts are not set and anchored correctly, the movement can damage panels demanding that they be replaced.

Set specs:

All the various manufacturers of vinyl fence Suffolk County NY make the panels to a fixed set of dimensional specifications. The tolerances between adjoining panels and components are tight so the erector must assure that the panels are secured properly. The weather has an effect on the expansion and contraction of the panels, this movement must be compensated for during installation. The installation instructions will define the clearances that are required. If there is no room for movement, the joints will separate or the panels can crack. The panels are not to be installed either with too much slack or not enough; the manufacturer’s instructions will be precise.

It is recommended that only the best hardware be used. As the vinyl fence in Suffolk County NY has a very long life expectancy, it will require hardware to have equal longevity. Stainless steel is best, they will not rust or corrode, not only will they last as long as the fence, they will not show rust streaks on the posts and panels.

Planning the installation is as important as the actual installation. Stake out the boundaries of the property so there is no boundary conflicts, measure and locate the post positions accurately because vinyl posts cannot be trimmed and planned to fit like wood posts.

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